Product Engineering

The TSL® Engineering team combines years of gas turbine expertise with cutting edge technology. Together these facets enable us to uniquely tackle any project that comes our way.

Following our design process, TSL reverse engineers and redesigns turbine components from samples and customer requirements. Each capital component is captured using technologies ranging from the latest 3D scanning to conventional metrology. From this information we rebuild and redesign the part. Our methods enable us to produce parts with excellent aerodynamic properties, tight fitting tolerances, and ideal metallurgical configurations, thus insuring our customers get the expected efficiencies out of their equipment.

In addition to replacement OEM equivalent parts, TSL has a portfolio of patented components designed to meet our customer's needs and quality expectations. In order to create the best non-OEM option to our customers, our team works on developing our own proprietary alloys, coating materials, machining processes and inspection methods.

While we currently have an extensive portfolio of products in production, we work everyday with our customers to offer new products. TSL can make and supply a replacement to any provided sample. If you are having difficulty sourcing a part, contact TSL to see if we have a replacement or we can reverse engineer a provided sample to fill your needs.

All of our products are verified before production, so you know you are getting a reliable part. We prototype all of our designs to validate the physical details before development, allowing us to confirm fit and compatibility with interfacing parts. When required, cutting edge computational fluid dynamic models are created to study the behavior of our parts long before producing our first metal sample.

Our innovative engineering practices mean our customers get quality parts at competitive costs and lead times.

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