Product Quality

As a worldwide supplier of replacement gas turbine parts to the power generation industry for over forty years, TSL® is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality parts and support services.

We have high expectations of all our suppliers. Only the best make our approved suppliers list, and only after a strict and continual audit process. Our engineers visit regularly to make sure our standards are met and to push for continual improvement efforts.

Following precise inspection plans, every part is inspected at each step of the production process. Components are individually tracked through production using unique serial numbers to ensure nothing is overlooked. Our custom developed quality management software allows us to maintain detailed records of each part..

TSL's quality department has final say over all parts, inspecting every piece, from a bolt to a nozzle assembly, before shipment. With any instance of nonconformance, TSL works to determine the root cause and puts preventative measures in place at our facility and our suppliers to eliminate any future occurrences.

We are always working on ways to make the inspection process quicker and more comprehensive. We have our own patented inspection devices employed at both our facility and our suppliers. These custom devices compliment our suite of inspection tools including coordinate measurement machines, white light scanners, laser scanners and traditional hand metrology tools.


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